12 April 2010: A 45 year old booger operator died at the Leinster Perseverance mine after his truck fell almost 20 metres down a mine shaft. It took 18 hours to retrieve his body.

28 June 2009: A driller was trapped underground at Perseverance mine in Leinster for two and a half hours after a rock fall.

10 June 2009: A 37 year old man was trapped underground at the Perseverance mine in Leinster for 16 hours after a rock fall.

19 March 2009: A 45 year old contractor died in Hospital after he fell about 12m from machinery at Mt Whaleback mine in Newman.

24 February 2009: A 56 year old track machine operator was killed when he was hit by a train on the Tabba line 74km south of Port Headland.

4 September 2008: A 19 year old truck driver was killed when a light vehicle and a haul truck collided at the Yandi mine, 140km north-east of Newman.

25 August 2008: A 29 year old man was killed when a hydraulic lift fell on him at the Nelson Point operations in Port Hedland.

Source: The West Australian Thursday 2, 2009, with updates.